When it comes to Rainwater Harvesting we have you covered. Offering a full turnkey solution for all types of rain water systems; from domestic properties to large scale industrial properties we are sure to be able to assit with your requirments.


As well as offering standard domestic and light commercial systems we can also help design Rain Water Harvesting systems for more bespoke applications. From cooling system for glass manufacturing to wash down facilities for highways agencies we have experience working with many different types of systems.


Neptune Aqua’s installation teams are experts in Raiwater Harvesting installations. Working in conjunction with our parent company (REM Pumping) who better to install than the manufacturers themselves…? Our civil engineering team can install your tanks, ducts and pipe systems without fuss. And remember, as we are the manufacturers we are best placed to ensure the equipment is installed correctly…!

However, we appreciate that there are many construction companies use their own ground workers for the civil engineering part of the project and M&E installations… No problem! In this case we are happy to provide a back-up service if required

New build or retro-fit: – Neptune Aqua can provide a full ‘turn-key’ service in either case… Supply, install & commission or supply only… the choice is yours.

Service & Maintenance

With years of experience maintaining a variety of manufacturers equipment we have built a solid knowledge base around all types of Rainwater Harvesting system.

While not all systems are created equal one thing in common they all have is a requirement for maintenance. Regular servicing will prolong the life of your system and prevent untimely breakdowns. When a company enters into a service agreement with us they automatically move to our preferential call out list meaning we will often be on site within 24 hours.

Domestic Rainwater Harvesting Servicing            

Educational Panel

We often install Rainwater Harvesting systems for schools and colleges and can supply an Educational Panel as part of the package where this is requested.

The units are highly colourful, use bright LED’s to indicate the status of equipment and are frequently used in lessons about the environment. Students can see how much water their school has saved via daily and cumulative totals and ultimately how their school is helping the environment by saving water.

Different types of educational panels are available for Primary Scools, Secondary Schools and Colleges. We can even provide bespoke decals incorporating photos of your school or college.